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Rival Technologies, LLC takes pride in fabricating thermoformed products that are of the highest quality and customized to meet our clients’ specifications. Our promise to deliver exceptional results is ensured by our skilled technical team and our strict quality control procedures.  Rival can assist in all aspects of production – from design and development of new solutions to quality manufacturing and the logistical support needed to meet demanding delivery schedules.


The excellent quality of our thermoformed items begins with innovative performance fabrics tailored specifically to the project.  Utilizing Performance Fabrics allows for better moisture control and/or anti-migration properties.  Rival then uses the most cutting-edge and advanced thermoforming technologies available to heat form Open Cell (PU) and Closed Cell (EVA) foams.  Rival Technologies is set apart from other manufacturers by our ability to thermoform Open Cell foams with a secure sealed edge, eliminating the need for costly pad binding and giving the product a sleek, finished look.


Rival Technologies has the experience and resources to create a variety of thermoformed products, including:


  • Dual Density Foam Combinations
  • Plastic Encapsulated Pads
  • Aluminum Encapsulated Pads
  • Hard Plastic Shelled Thermoformed Products


These different combinations add functionality to your products and are advantageous in their light weight properties, softness, and the comfort they provide the end user.


Rival Technologies has strategically located manufacturing plants in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United States to provide reliable supply chains and enhance our ability to deliver exceptional results. Our expansive facilities enable Rival Technologies to research new innovations, improve manufacturing costs, and provide the high-quality thermoformed products you require in a timely manner.


Contact us today to discuss your design needs and budget with our experienced customer support team. It will quickly become apparent why Rival is one of the most trusted plastic and foam thermoforming companies on the market today.