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Rival Technologies offers advanced anti-migration technology that can be utilized in a variety of applications. This technology is an excellent fit for products that will come into direct contact with the body and tend to shift or move to an incorrect or uncomfortable position. Our anti-migration materials are ideal for use in medical and orthopedic soft goods, as well as military and law enforcement devices. Rival Technologies has a commitment to our clients to provide materials and finished products of the highest quality, and we reinforce this with our continuous research on new innovations and technologies.


Anti-migration and silicone technology has a vast number of modifications available, including:

  • Custom Silicone Designs
  • Flexible Color Combinations
  • Multiple Fabric Options including Foam Laminates
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Bacterial Treatments

Rival Technologies is an established manufacturing partner that supports our clients through all stages of the production process.  We assist with design and development to ensure that your products are built exactly to your specifications.  Our manufacturing facilities across the globe in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and the United States ensure reduced cost and lead times, all while adhering to the strictest quality guidelines to provide finished products that meet the highest standards.


Our focus on providing excellent customer service ensures that our clients receive prompt and accurate responses to their questions and requests.  Rival Technologies leverages our expertise in manufacturing processes and our drive to discover and research the most innovative new processes and technologies to assist our clients in elevating their products to their fullest potential.


When making a choice to utilize our anti-migration and silicone technologies, your team can be confident that Rival will guide you in choosing the right products to fit your needs and your budget.


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