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About Rival Vietnam

Rival Technologies’ textile manufacturing facility in Vietnam offers quality materials you can trust

Rival Vietnam is situated in northern Vietnam, 40 miles from Hanoi International Airport. This facility employs 300 skilled workers in two buildings of 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The emphasis of Rival Vietnam is fabrication, sewing, ultrasonic welding, advanced materials and durable soft orthopedic goods.


Rival Vietnam Factory








Rival Technologies chose the Hanoi area due to the number of quality suppliers in this area. The capital city, Hanoi, has a shipping port in Hai Phong and is an exceptional choice for efficient international shipping. With almost 7 million people in the capital city, Hanoi’s Metropolitan area is an excellent location for skilled, low cost labor. During the last decade Vietnam has emerged as a leading producer of sewn products, footwear, garments, and other consumer goods.


Rival Vietnam is set apart from other suppliers due to our excellent customer service, industry experience and communication. We offer turnkey product solutions that include design assistance, material development and manufacturing of products. Rival also offers worldwide logistical supply chain solutions and continues to supply our customers with high quality, low cost products.


Why choose Rival Vietnam to be your supplier base?
Rival Vietnam is a strong alternative to sewing factories in other countries. Vietnam is not subjected to the drastically increasing costs, rising wages and strengthening currency in other parts of Asia. Also, Vietnam is politically stable and is the world leader in high quality low-cost manufacturing in Asia.

As more companies realize the benefits of outsourcing their supply line to Vietnam, the domestic infrastructure and the network of domestic suppliers continues to improve.


Quality Systems
Rival Vietnam is an accredited ISO 9001 and ISO13485 certified facility. By utilizing an in-depth quality control system to ensure that our products are of the highest standard and meet the expectations of every customer, we continuously add value to the quality of our products and improve our business systems and those of our supply chain.

Continuous improvement at Rival is an integral part of our culture. We focus on customer satisfaction to determine our performance in the marketplace. Our commitment to provide products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and to continuously improve our efficiency and value ensures that our clients never have to compromise on quality.


Customer Care
Our customers deserve prompt service from knowledgeable, motivated and well-trained staff members. We strive to seek out innovative approaches to serve our customers in the best way possible. By thriving on total customer satisfaction for all our customers, we are able to offer solutions to the most difficult challenges and are available to communicate with our customers in English, Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese.