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About Rival Technologies

Offering high-performance fabrics and textiles Rival has the experience to provide the materials you need

Rival is a world class supplier of turn key textile fabrication products and performance materials with global facilities throughout Asia. We provide product design assistance, material recommendations and manufacturing solutions to meet our most demanding customers with the most rigorous quality standards. We also now manufacture straps in the USA that can meet military specifications and Berry Amendment Compliancy in our Phoenix Arizona facility.

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To find out how Rival Technologies can help you develop exciting and innovative products that match your brand’s performance needs and design style, we invite you to get in touch with our customer support team today. Our workers draw on years of experience to recommend the right products and technologies for your needs and budget.

Once you have decided exactly which technologies you want to use to satisfy the needs of your brand, our efficient manufacturing facilities will snap into action to create the products or samples you need. These facilities are expansive, with a huge capacity to scale production up to match customer demands. Our facilities use the latest technology so we can offer fast, reliable service without sacrificing quality.